May 18 2021

The road to Heaven, Shambala, Avalon?

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This morning I woke up feeling despondent and irritable. Trust was not coming easily and with that I also had lost my passion for so much of life and living.

I was about 15 when I had decided that to love, my love, was my most precious gift, the best thing about me and I would never let anyone make me bitter.

No matter what happened I would always hold onto the best part of me. I had a lot going on at the time and a lot to make anyone bitter.

It wasn’t until years later that I was…

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I was thinking about freedom and it occurred to me that I defined it by rights. It was an immediate visceral reaction. “It is my right! I have rights!” But the moment we define freedom by rights we have effectively limited the scope of what is free. We hold fiercely to our ‘rights’. We all do. But if we think of freedom in this manner as a group of rights, is not a right or a privilege an “allowment”? If I am being granted something, a privilege, then there is someone doing the granting and as such I am no…

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Having some Catholic friends in my life I have had further exposure to Catholic ways of living, and recently I have been thinking about Communion. Perhaps being a non-Catholic I have the liberty to think in different ways about the tradition of Communion. Perhaps the act itself of Communion is a kind of “earth to heaven” telegraph message in an age where internet was not around, an action that would set up a message to someone for a particular purpose. …

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I was listening to a tweet by Marianne Williamson and I was surprised to learn there was a history to Mothers’ Day which she read in her video. You can see the link below. I looked up the original Mother’s Day Proclamation after hearing Marianne and have included the writing below as well as the link to the site that talks further about Mother’s Day origins. Such powerful words and incredible vision!

The Appeal to Womanhood Throughout the World

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Why does it take longer?

I believe in people. I look for their hearts and listen to what lies deep within. Everything else is a reflection of traumas of one sort or another. Because I have been through it and healed myself my roots are deeper than where the trauma was.

How deep is your belief in someone?

Inner wounds create a shattering of the psyche and the soul stands naked in front of mirrors that do not…

Being deeply human means to be connected to those things that are natural and what is more natural than walking? Image by Rafał Chudoba from

For the full life experience, put down all devices and walk

by Aeon. To read their article, click here.

I think this article by Aeon is very important and I want to share why I think it is important to have time without purpose other than to be.

Compassion must include the self. In our western world, although it looks as if we are always self centred, in an odd way, the self is excluded by our society that buys, shops, does, goes. Money gives us a sense of mobility and the wealthier we are the more we can ‘do’. …

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There is a tiger in a cage in a zoo. We don’t really know how long the tiger has been in the cage. We don’t know much about him at all really. How long has he been here? Did he come in as a cub, or a young tiger? He is by himself and his enclosure is small. There is a young child watching the tiger and she points out to her dad, “Look! There is something wrong with the tiger!” His back is crooked!”

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There are many instructions by Jesus in the bible but with all the gaps it makes it difficult to know the full context needed to be a disciple. In this…

Elana Hernon

But your heart, that gives me your story. I hear your story when you speak, how you move, your choices. But you also listen this way. That is our humanity.

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