How long does it take to heal anxiety in someone?

Elana Hernon
2 min readApr 3, 2020
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Why does it take longer?

I have been doing the work for a while now and frequently people tell me it takes them longer to do the same work as I do.

I believe in people. I look for their hearts and listen to what lies deep within. Everything else is a reflection of traumas of one sort or another. Because I have been through it and healed myself my roots are deeper than where the trauma was.

How deep is your belief in someone?

Inner wounds create a shattering of the psyche and the soul stands naked in front of mirrors that do not line up, that look odd and jarring. The world inside is full of conflict and confusion and the world outside is no longer welcoming and gentle.

Image above by Mabel Amber from Pixabay.

The experience of trauma creates deep beliefs about the self and life, full of self protection, anxiety, deep anger and fear. That is like a storm. As a healer your roots need to go deeper than the beliefs of the person you are helping. How strong is your belief in another person? That is the question you really need to ask.

If someone is not healing as fast, nor as easily, it is not that they can’t be healed. It is more that they have not met someone whose belief in them goes deeper than the doubts they have about themselves. A tree that withstands 100 km an hour winds is a strong tree. If a tree was to withstand a storm of 200 km an hour winds, that tree must have much deeper roots.

Image by anfangzhan from Pixabay

As a healer your roots need to go deeper than the beliefs of the person you are helping

Elana Hernon

But your heart, that gives me your story. I hear your story when you speak, how you move, your choices. But you also listen this way. That is our humanity.