The Unshakable Place: Being Strong in the Face of Fear & Loss

Elana Hernon
5 min readMay 20, 2021

May 18 2021

The road to Heaven, Shambala, Avalon?

Today is such a beautiful day, so clean, so clear and fresh! I think the new green of spring has to be the most beautiful green of all! I took this picture to share with you. Being in nature restores me. I have had a few moments recently something like the 5th insight in the Celestine Prophecy movie, where everything around me glows and is so alive. It is transcendent. In that moment I see life everywhere. You can call it God, or spirit, or universal presence. I went to Kalamalka Lake sometime in the past few years, and in the evening and sometimes in the morning I can see the heavens over the water and for us, we can then see a glimmering of the worlds beyond reflected in the still waters. It is tranquil and brings peace and if you tune into it you are at the doorway to beyond. I like to call it Avalon. But I think it is the same as Shambhala and what some call the Heavens.

It is where the guides are. They are with us but they are also waiting there, holding the door for us.

We can be in our world doing whatever physical thing is calling to our attention, and at the same time we can be thinking about a memory. It is like somewhat like that with the guides, being in more than one place at a time, and yet just being themselves and in one place. It is farther for us, to think those things, like a child still learning to walk on steady feet. But still, we follow our gentle and loving guides, like parents, knowing we will be picked up when we become tired.

All life, all places, issue from within. Even though we can see small bits of this thought, it is elusive because we are young and being so does not make what we don’t understand less real.

So what is faith? …To have the faith of the little child who waits for his parents. There is so much to learn, so much growing up to do. It must seem daunting, but to the child, only the mom matters, the dad, the caring brother or sister. It is in the moment and from the moment all futures come. As a child we instinctively know this. As you are reading this you are also remembering what it is like. There is an unshakable place inside. Sometimes when things seem to fall apart in our world and we are all over the map we are also rooted in this unshakable place.

Elana Hernon

But your heart, that gives me your story. I hear your story when you speak, how you move, your choices. But you also listen this way. That is our humanity.