Touching the Mystery

Elana Hernon
2 min readSep 16, 2019
Image by Elana Hernon

I am painting, and am deeply caught by the wonder of the roses; the roses are so red and beautiful against the bluest of skies. I am finished. I stand back and look at it. At first I am pleased and proud. But I become shocked and a little bit scared. How did I do this?

“The skill is far beyond what I can do.

I look at the roses, and feel them again. I had become
one with them. I see this, and I see how they desired
to express, and I became the tool of their creation, a
paintbrush only, within their soul, an expression of
their heart. It was in that moment I knew. I knew that
none of us are who we think we are. We believe we
are masters of our fate. It is our choices that move us
forward, but how often then, are we swayed by other
things which we bring to us? Are our lives only the
expression of something beyond? From something
other than our own will? Perhaps it is a bit like
giving birth, the child an unknown product of an
experience of oneness with another person, a
thought, something more.

And then a funny thing happened. A fear grew in me.
I ran, then, away, with about as much passion as I
had once, to touch it, to touch the beauty of the rose.
I am ashamed to admit my fear. I am embarrassed by
my smallness.

I put my painting away… my…? What does that
mean now?

I do not want to give my self over to the divine. I
cherish my self. Does that mean I am too little? Is
there something wrong with me? I touched it. And
now I run.

It is my hidden thing I dare not share … it is my

Divine Expression. Image by Glegle @

Letting go of life as you know it allows that of creation to take your insides and remake you… Just as the wind makes the bird and the sea shapes the rocks upon the shore. You give in to it, you give way, and in your softness, you overcome.

In your softness, the divine in you steps forward and begins to blossom.

If we are made in the image of God, then the finger print of God within us begins to stir and we are truly beginning the walk of Christ and Buddha.

Elana Hernon

But your heart, that gives me your story. I hear your story when you speak, how you move, your choices. But you also listen this way. That is our humanity.